Paul and I go back to 2006 when our paths crossed in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. It's a lonely place in Central Asia and we hung out, going on photo walks together, usually followed by a nice beers at the local German hofbrauhaus. Paul happens to be the son of my current director for an organization I work with, The Navigators. But that had nothing to do with coming out and shooting his wedding for free. Actually Paul graciously sent a check, which he didn't have to do since he came out and shot our wedding for free two years ago. He's also photographing weddings while wrapping up graduate studies and if you need a great photographer in Denver, look no further than Paul. Say you want an outdoor wedding in Denver around mid January -- we'll they figured out a way. The Butterfly Pavilion just north of Denver is like an indoor jungle, complete with humid, warm air and hundreds of beautiful butterflies flying around. The only downside is the lighting is absolutely terrible. It's by far the most challenging venue, in terms of lighting, that I have ever shot a wedding. Gee thanks Paul. We pulled it off thought because they were ok with some flashes going off at certain key parts of the ceremony. I normally would never ever flash a ceremony, but Paul completely understood it needed to be done. denver wedding couple wedding at the butterfly pavillion

After the ceremony we headed over to the Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver, where they had checked in and were staying a few nights. The place is gorgeously decorated with Christmas lights everywhere which fortunately hadn't yet been taken down. It's a dim place so again some portable studio light was required, which is never easy to when I'm working solo, but it worked efficiently and got the shots we needed in less than 20 minutes.

the brown palace wedding denver The Brown Palace Denver Wedding the brown palace hotel wedding

I did Paul and Krista's engagement photos literally about 26 hours before their wedding and we were totally happy with how my new "Save the Date" video came out. Thanks you two for a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to cross paths with you again -- hopefully in Denver or San Francisco and not in Bishkek!