camera equipment for weddings

Assuming one has the "eye", understands how to use light, and can relate easily with stressed out brides and grooms, there's just one essential component left for the professional wedding photographer: Gear.  As we all know, photographing a wedding is a one-shot deal. There's no second chance.  And within a wedding itself, there are dozens of fleeting one-shot moments that can't be redone. Capturing them well will earn the raves and praises from our valued brides and grooms, but missing them due to inadequate equipment will result in lots of free Saturdays for the rest of the year. Clients trust us to get it right and if you're thinking of getting into wedding photography, a substantial investment needs to be made if you want to have any chance in making this a career.

I just finished putting together a Wedding Photographer's Gear Guide that will hopefully help people buy equipment that best fits their style and budget.