John and Kiki 

Married on September 23th 

Photos delivered on September 25th

These two pulled off something amazing for their wedding at Santana Row's Valencia Hotel in San Jose. You see, Kiki's from New Orleans and wanted a 2nd Line - google it like I did (also pictured in the last two photos). John's a trained musician and played in a Latin rock band back in Houston, where he met Kiki. Somehow they brought together both of these musical flavors in San Jose--a brass band and a latin rock band--for one amazing reception at the Cielo rooftop.

Before the party, there was a wedding of course. Kiki and her entourage got their hair done up at drybar. It's a very convenient place if you're getting married at the Valencia or anywhere around the Santana Row area. John of course got ready in the bathroom of his hotel room, also a convenient location I must say.

At the Valencia's courtyard, they ceremony was small and intimate. It's always a special moment to capture a groom holding back tears when he sees his bride walking down the aisle. John held it together pretty well though, that is until it came time to give his vows. When I captured him holding his hand over his chest, it was a moment that got us all choked up. It's a beautiful thing to see such an emotional and genuine pledge of undying love for another, and luckily I could hide my misty eyes behind the camera quite nicely.

Check out their wedding website and highlight slideshow here.

Thanks John and Kiki for having us capture your really fun day -- looking forward to the upcoming post-wedding portrait session!