Maasai boy

Upon arriving in the Maasai town of Longido, I was told "no pictures" by a few villagers, even while walking without a camera. These people must feel like zoo animals with tourists constantly asking for a picture. Indeed they are often paid to sing and dance when well-heeled safari goers stop by in their Toyota Land Cruisers. I decided to just sit at the local water spring and make friends. After a while, it was the Maasai who asked me to photograph them -- and I was honored to do so. One young man even invited me to his boma (hut) to meet his 165 year-old father. Yes, 165. So he tells me anyway, and I had him right down the number on paper to make sure there wasn't a problem understanding his english.

Maasai boy in his boma

165 year old Maasai Father