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Bella Montagna Wedding: Sadek and Carmen

Sadek and Carmen 

Married on September 29th 

Photos Delivered Oct 1st 

Sadek and Carmen grew up here in the U.S., but come from families that immigrated here many years ago. On a warm, cloudless day in the hills above San Jose, their different cultures united to make a beautiful and unique celebration of their love. What made it special for me was hearing the different languages -- one minute Carmen's grandma is holding my arm and speaking to me in Portuguese in the most endearing way (I smile and nod, giving the impression that I understand her - we have several more "conversations" like this)... then I turn around and hear another warm exchange of affection between relatives in Arabic. Toward the end of the evening, everyone seemed to know Korean as they got downright silly dancing and singing along with PSY - you know the song I'm talking about.

The venue for their wedding and reception was at the Bella Montagna, a hillside estate that overlooks San Jose and the entire south bay. Marcia coordinates weddings for this place with amazing efficiency and kept the day moving beautifully, despite the inevitable hiccups. Thanks Marcia for the great communication both before the wedding and on the day itself -- I don't know how you do it all!

Thanks Carmen and Sadek for allowing me the privilege of capturing your big day - Parabéns and تهنئة !


And lastly, the highlight slideshow!