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Sean and Daniela's Wedding at the Garden Valley Ranch - Petaluma

Sean and Daniela 

Married on September 22 

Photos delivered September 24 

This summer as I blog the weddings, I'm having a hard time not starting off with something totally cliche like "Sean and Daniela's wedding was amazing from start to finish!". But the thing is each wedding really has been quite wonderful and Sean and Daniela's was no exception. Having had not just one but two wonderful conversations with them over coffee before the wedding, I got to learn a bit of their story. Long before they promised to love, cherish, and honor each other for the rest of their lives, they've been doing it in a loving relationship where each sacrificed for the other as they pursued their respective careers. Daniela helping Sean as he became a CHP officer, and then Sean helping Daniela as she went through grad school. They've been through many chapters of life together and on a warm September day, they began yet a new chapter as husband and wife.

Daniela and Sean, I hope you're enjoying every minute of your honeymoon in Mexico. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to capture your beautiful was an honor I didn't take lightly.

A few notes on this wedding -- Daniela and Sean (mostly the former, I think!) made all the decorations you see in these photos. They chose to see each other before the wedding - you can see those "First Look" photos below. When the Garden Valley Ranch isn't being used as a gorgeous wedding venue, it serves the community as a working nursery and is open for touring around. Their wedding was on a Saturday and all their carefully edited photos were delivered Monday night!

Because of the potential illegality of an actual wish-lantern send off, these photos above are merely photoshop depictions of what a send off would have looked like. Sean and his other law-enforcement guests would never have willingly broken the law, and the arrival of the local Fire Marshal that evening was purely coincidental.