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Maricela and Jose | Engagement | San Francisco Golden Gate Park

The forecast was for rain... which was hard to believe since it was 90 degrees in the days preceding Mar and Jose's engagement session. Well it did indeed rain, but luckily cleared up just in time for a really fun time in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. I have to admit I don't know the place well. Every time I had photographed in this huge park it was always at locations suggested by the couple. But this time I was determined to seek out new ground and find untypical locations for Jose and Mar, who were driving up from the South Bay.  I got to the park more than 2 hours early with my jogging shoes and set out to conquer a good chunk of the eastern half. Wow, from flower gardens, fountains and all things pretty, to some amazing architecture at the California Academy of Science. Jose and Mar "worked it" and I was so happy for all the great photos we made together. Thank you guys for an amazing afternoon together and I look forward to the big day coming up!

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