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Nathan’s 365 project (ok, daddy’s actually)

Nathan’s 365 project (ok, daddy’s actually)

nathan's first year in pictures

There's a crazy challenge some photographers inflict upon themselves called "365". It's a picture a day of anything for one year and can be of any subject or theme. It can be random life, like my friend Paul's 365, or it can be quite specific and collaborative like this one on clouds.  I've long resisted doing this simply because it takes time and lugging out the camera gear every day seems like such a chore.  But a funny thing happened to me last week that has given me great motivation to do a 365. We had a baby. I won't fill up the blog here with a picture a day, but rather upload a collage every week or so. I hope to put up tips and behind the scenes info for folks to try out with their cameras at home. I'll occasionally put away my expensive gear and demonstrate how to take pro photos with a $100 point and shoot. Check back and leave a comment on what you think!

our baby's 365 project -- a picture a day for a whole year 365 project for our baby son

our baby's 365 portrait project our baby's 365 project