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A bold new promise - Your Beautiful Wedding Photos in 2 days!

I've heard the story more than once and so have you. A couple gets married, and 6 or 9 months later the photographer still hasn't handed over the photos. I heard the story again just the other day from a couple that booked me for their wedding. One of her bridesmaids got married and is still waiting, not for the photos actually but for the video. And it isn't just 9 months, it's been a year and a half.  Wow. When I first started the wedding photography business I delivered the digital negatives to clients in 3 weeks. Then last year I started delivering in 10 days and the feedback was incredible. Now it's time to up the bar even more: 2 Days!  How does this happen without compromising the quality of the editing? Simple. I totally and completely block off the entire day following your wedding to meticulously cull, edit and prepare all your photos. I then upload them to your wedding website for you to share and enjoy. That's it! I might be turning down extra commissions to deliver this service, but for me it will be worth it: couples get to instantly enjoy going through their photos on phones, ipads, laptops, or good' old fashion desktop computer, sharing and facebooking all those photos to their hearts content. And I get the satisfaction of making my couples very happy -which for a helpless people pleaser like myself, it doesn't get any better.

wedding photo processing time two days