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Bill and Sarah’s Wedding - The Gardens at Walnut Creek

Bill and Sarah’s Wedding - The Gardens at Walnut Creek

I'm really blessed to have such great couples to work for. Sarah and Bill are really such a sweet couple and planned a really fun wedding. Bill is a police officer and a few of his groomsman were also police. So it took them a while to loosen up, but by the end of the evening even the most stoic officers were getting downright silly on the dance floor. Hey guys -- I'm holding onto a few of the pictures in case I need to get out of a traffic ticket. The bride and groom preparation was at the Walnut Creek Marriott (also a nice place for weddings!) and I have to say a word about the room they got for the Sarah and the bridesmaids. While they probably could have gotten by with getting the standard room, it was so much better that they paid perhaps just 50% more to get the suite. It's great because it afforded them a lot more space to get ready, reduced the confinement and stress level, and it also makes the photography so much better when there is room to work. I could set up my light stand and diffuser which made a huge difference in the quality of the light when doing Sarah's portraits. In a smaller room, I probably could not have done this and while the pictures would have been adequate, they would not have been that great.

We were off to St. Anne's Catholic Church in Walnut Creek for the wedding ceremony, which was officiated by Sarah's uncle. It's different when someone as close as a relative can marry you -- the love and personable touch helps the bride and groom relax a bit. A few pictures following the ceremony, which thankfully was possible because the rain had stopped by that time. We were then off to The Gardens (Heather Farms) in Walnut creek for the wedding reception. This place has all kinds of portrait possibilities and thanks to clouds, we had perfect light. I get asked frequently about couple's wedding photography in the event gloomy weather. While rain can be a challenge, clouds make for a wonderful diffusion of light and eliminate harsh shadows on peoples faces. They make for great portraits and are a photographer's best friend.

Thanks Bill and Sarah for choosing Dan Johanson- Weddings for your wedding photography needs. Take care you guys and look for a card on your anniversary!

Here are a few of my favorites from your wedding, but there are even more at their wedding website I just made for them. Enjoy!

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