I first met Michelle and Corey to talk about their wedding on St. Patricks day at a Brewhouse at 7pm. What was I thinking? It was a complete madhouse and we found a quieter spot that still served beers. I have to say while it's nice to meet clients for coffee, beer is way better! I'm definitely going to offer that option to folks in the future. They had in mind to have their engagement shoot in the beautiful wine country just north of Napa in a little town called Healdsburg. They know all the wineries up there and knew exactly which ones have the best photographic possibilities. Little did I know exactly how jaw-dropping beautiful these places were -- especially the Jordan Winery just north of town. You'd think you drove up to a centuries Tuscan old winery when you see this place for the first time. We took a guess that to get married here you'll drop around at least a $100K, but apparently they don't mind if you sneak in and do some engagement portraits at the west end of the building. It was raining off and on which actually helped out in a way -- the ground was all wet and provided a shiny look. The clouds offered a nice diffusion of the big light in sky and surprisingly we weren't kicked off the property. We were off to Hawkes Winery and later White Oak Vineyards, both places where Michelle and Corey have memberships. This was really helpful and allowed us to sort of go wherever we wanted to take pictures.

There's a "Save the Date" video coming out of their engagement very soon, but because I know they're anxious to see some of the better shots here you go Corey and Michelle! Thanks for planning such an awesome day!

engagement portraits jordan healdsburg

engagement portraits jordan winery

engagement portraits healdsburg


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