Avid readers of my blog will certainly recall Josie and Jimmy's Civil Wedding inside the stunningly photogenic  San Francisco City Hall. What a great idea by the way to do both a civil ceremony for just immediate family and then a bigger wedding to celebrate with all the other friends and family. I mean just for the sake of getting pictures in that beautiful place it was certainly worth the extra bit of money, which wasn't much. I obliged to consider that ceremony their "engagement" session which comes with most packages that I offer, and I'd gladly do that for future couples as well since it was such a fun place to shoot.  But I digress as this blog post is about Josie and Jimmy's Atherton wedding at Holbrook Palmer Park, a charming spot in it's own right that was just perfect for this unique celebration. You see Jimmy is from Peru, where he met Josie who was teaching English in his home town.  It was important for these two to incorporate a bit of Peruvian culture into the mix and they found a caterer that did an amazing job. Congrats to Josie and Jimmy!