Engagement shoots are always really fun, especially ones that involve wine and trespassing. And ones where we get in trouble are always the best.  Aaron and Lauren were game for all of it, and while we didn't get arrested, we did get kicked off of private property twice. It could only have worked out better if we got kicked out of all the places we visited -- oh well. We started off at the Ruby Hill Winery in Pleasanton for some tasting and a few warm-up photos. We weren't suppose to walk through the vineyard, but nobody seemed to care. From there we drove over to the Mitchell Katz Winery, whose staff DID care a great deal that we took a photo in front of their building. We left immediately, but didn't really appreciate the snooty nature of the women who kept an eye on us until we drove away. No matter - we were off the old barn with the American flag on Vasco Road, which is behind barbed wire and off limits to the public. Exactly the sort of place we wanted for some rustic engagement portraits. Just as we wrapped up though, we were caught by a park ranger who was quite nice about making sure we left right away. Our last location was west of Brentwood on a pretty field just before sunset. A perfect ending to a really fun day with a really great couple.

Aaron and Lauren I'm really looking forward to your wedding next year! And it will be so fun to see Corey and Michelle! For readers of this blog, they are the fun couple that referred me to Aaron and Lauren... and the couple that graces the top banner of this blog!

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