So excited to wrap up Corey and Michelle's Save the Date film for their wedding website! The photos from their Napa Valley engagement session are here in a previous post.  Our shooting locations were basically the town of Healdsburg, Jordan Winery (amazing place for a six figure wedding), Hawkes Wine and White Oak Vineyards, which was the only place that has both an impressive Mediteranean-style winery and a picturesque vineyard. Not all "wineries" have vineyards and not all vineyards have wineries next to them, so I learned. Shooting this film was trickier than usual with a spring thunderstorm passing through and because my wife came along as an assistant, that meant we brought the baby which (note to self) actually means I end up working without an assistant...that and Corey and Michelle insisted that I do wine tasting with them, so if there is a camera shake here and there it's your fault you two!