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Your Wedding Photographer will be with you on the biggest day of your lives. It's no small decision who you choose, so let's see if we might be a match. 

 you ]  On a day that will be a whirlwind of activity and emotion, you're looking for a seasoned, client-focused photographer who helps minimize stress and operates in ninja stealth.

 [ me ]  Well, near ninja stealth


[ you ]  Want a bunch of unique, candid moments captured from untypical angles, which produce amazing, tear-jerking images -- delivered in a few days, not months.

 [ me ]  Always


[you]  Know the day will come and go so quickly and value the investment made in preserving those memories. Photography is very important.   

 [me]   It's a big deal for me to be chosen to document the biggest day of a couple's life. I show up early and discretely work my tail off until there's nothing left to photograph!